Club For Five Workshop


Club For Five is a Finnish mixed-voice a cappella group formed in 2000. Currently signed with Warner Music the band has released six (6) albums and toured internationally. Club For Five is known for its lively performances and open-minded approach to singing which sometimes challenges conventional wisdom about the capabilities of the human voice. Their unique and acclaimed arrangements and original compositions combine jazz, pop, rock and classical music.


While nowadays working full-time as a cappella singers, nearly all the members of the quintet actually have a background in teaching. Four out of five of CFF have studied music education as their main subject at Sibelius Academy, Helsinki. Moreover, most of the singers have extensive choral experience, singing and conducting. Given their educational background the group sets a strong focus on sharing the knowledge and teaching other groups, choirs and singers as well as constantly developing their own skills. Even though CFF is mainly a pop/jazz vocal group, they are at home in a variety of styles, from church to theatre music, from contemporary classical to world music.

Club For Five has given a number of different kinds of workshops,master-classes and lessons as a band and as individuals. The band works with groups and singers on all levels - from beginners to professionals - and regularly act as jurors in vocal competitions. Latest big educational project took place in fall 2012, when CFF launched apioneering collaborative project among school children, where they met with hundreds of teenagers across Finland, teaching them in classrooms and eventually performing with them on stage. The project culminated in recording a new song with a children’s choir.


Club For Five is a charismatic teacher and inspirer. The band both talks and demonstrates through sung examples. Usually a workshop covers (among other titles) the following:

- Singing in a vocal group, a presentation of CFF rehearsing techniques and philosophy
- Instrumental approach to singing, "playing" with your voice
- A cappella improvisation
- Insights of differences between acoustic and amplified music, and different styles of group singing

The human voice is an unbelievable versatile instrument, especially if you dare to use it to the fullest. One important aim in CFF workshops is to inspire the participants to be creative and find new ways of using their voices. Audience members often get to join and jam with CFF. The band will also gladly reserve some time to answer questions.

In addition, during the workshop there often will be a chance for a local band(s) to get personal guidance and supportive practical advice. The emphasis between CFF talking & demonstrating and tutoring local band(s) is naturally dictated by the amount of time available. If wanted, CFF is also available for longer and more in-depth vocal group masterclasses and lecturing.



"Club For Five is literally
one of the best groups in the world."
- Mouth Off A cappella Radio Show -

"The performance of Club For Five was
technically and musically top-class
throughout all the singers."
- Helsingin Sanomat Newspaper -

"Club For Five has achieved something breathtaking
with You're the Voice, something I truly believe has
changed or will change what we [a cappella genre]
will strive for in the future."
- Mouth Off A cappella Radio Show -

"This is a group that does everything,
you can book them at any festival or any event,
for any age group, for any style preference
and they'd be a smash."
- Mouth Off A cappella Radio Show -

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